10 Mistakes Men Do When In bed!

Not only women who made a mistake on the bed, it turns out the man who we think we know the ins and outs 'over the bed' can also make mistakes when they want to make love you know ...

Mistake 1: No preparation
Unlike us who still had time to prepare the candles and strew the bed with rose petals, sometimes a man wanted instant. Not to be too much trouble to select and prepare a romantic place before having sex. Finally we feel underappreciated.
We liked the romantic ambience, so be sure to prepare a nice atmosphere and unforgettable moments will make love. Do not let us ask first. But berinisiatiflah! No need to take us to a luxury hotel anyway, we just want to be pampered with a special atmosphere at home alone.

Mistake 2: forget the foreplay and go directly to the main menu

Maybe you could say that this is selfish. Well, maybe you're right. Sex is not only about the orgasm alone. But to attach with your partner. So foreplay is very important, not only as a mere process.

Hot kiss for a few minutes and kiss a little modification will be the opening menu that appeals to us. So do not go directly to the main menu, but always enjoy the opening menu.

Mistake 3: haste

Occasionally Quicky is interesting and challenging, but if every time you have to rush just for the sake of achieving orgasm, it is not love, baby! Do it step by step with lots of love will feel very pleasant for us. Especially when enjoying intimate moments, and listening to every degupan heart racing with the rhythm.


Do not rush! Remember, we are not a doll nor a robot that can be asked to do all the desire in a short time. Do it slowly and lovingly, that's what we want.

Mistake 4: ignored signals 'intimate'

Women are not always to the point about matters of sex, even we still often embarrassed to invite her husband to have intercourse. That's why sometimes we often indicate a desire by the codes and signals, which unfortunately is often ignored when the men were preoccupied with their own activities.

Whether it's arms from behind, and kissing in a private area or just a romantic whisper 'I love you', hear that it is a sign from us to make love. So do not ignore the signs, and forced us to say it verbally. Because we are basically shy creatures, which express his heart through the body cues when we feel uncomfortable.

Mistake 5: too often changed style
I was so much fun to watch the latest movie leaked from a friend, he so wanted to try different styles presented in the film with a flash. Have not even tried it a few seconds the force he had wanted to change the style again. Huhhh ... tired!

We are not anti trying a new style, but let first proximity tied when trying a new style. If it feels uncomfortable, then try another style. However, make sure not too often change the style, because we are more easily tired.

Mistake 6: no respect for the couple:

Acting rude and say rude words while being intimate is a big no no! The film is typically seen the men had not always been a good role model, because often women are treated like an object or a slave.

Saying rude words and act rude at all not interesting and not cool for us. Attitudes soft and the promptings of love is a special seasoning.

Mistake 7: too rule
What do men often are, frequently assume that a woman is a figure that should be governed. Not only the outdoors, but also on the bed.

Please deh, we are a partner rather than a subordinate who should be governed as good hearts. If you want something, work with us. Do not just give orders.

Mistake 8: Lost touch an important part
Being too preoccupied with the intimate, men often forget the other hot spots, such as nipples, ears, waist and hips.

Do not just touch the intimate parts, but do not forget the other parts are not less important. Touching these parts will give double the pleasure both of you know.

Error 9: concluded that the couple were content
Without ever asked, he assumes you already feel satisfied with what he did. In fact ... not!


Confidence that is important, but always thought we were satisfied but had never asked him beforehand was clearly not the attitude of an adult male. Every now and then ask us whether we were satisfied, if we want more, where we want to be touched, and so forth. Thus, we are equally able to fix themselves is not it?

Error 10: straight to bed after making love

Because of fatigue, often the she went to bed without babibu ... awakened when he will be angry and not being as sweet as before.

Ever heard the term afterplay? Hmmm ... fair if it had never heard of. Watch really yes, afterplay as important as foreplay. The moment where after having sex, couples will tell you, memassage each other, and enjoy the intimacy that is not less important than the main menu. This is the dessert menu which should be done prior to relax, because here the couple will feel more close and comfortable with one another.

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