Anal Sex: Why and How More Women Are Loving It

There are millions people who love anal sex. Anal sex has been around for thousands of years, and continues to dazzle ahead by numerous people. Studies show that if done correctly with proper technique, practically anyone cane can enjoy lots of fun and satisfaction with anal sex. Anal sex is the act of placing your penis into your partner's anus in the course of sex, with the purpose of making her experience pleasure and passionate full-body orgasms. It should be done in phases because you do not want to hurt your partner during the course introducing anal sex.

There are a variety of ways to give a fantastic anal orgasm, by learning these methods you will have one very happy woman in your hands. Anal sex also more than doubles the number of sexual activities you can enjoy, including anal–oral sex, toy/vibrator play, fingering, and simultaneous stimulation to the anus, the G-Spot, and the clitoris. The right stimulation can make anal sex extremely gratifying for both partners. This is typically accomplished by using the hand/palm, fingers and/or sex toys. In fact, having anal sex can be a deeply intimate and passionate experience for couples.

Anal sex is one of the most brought up desires by men, but lots of men do not get to experience this desire for the reason that the women they are with are frightened that it may hurt too much and are reluctant to attempt it just in case. The anus is a very sensitive area with a high concentration of nerve endings that if you stimulate correctly can provide extreme pleasure to the receiver.

Most lovers think that a sex guide or sex advice for couples is simply you get when there is dullness, monotony, friction, or obscurity in their sexual relationship. In reality a good sex guide can help us maintain our sex life fresh and exciting. Therefore, an Anal sex guide will help initiate us to new sexual thoughts and experiences which are the key to an exciting and happy sex life. By pleasuring multiple erogenous simultaneously that include the anus, a woman can have amazing orgasms.

Nothing spoils a sexual relationship than doing the same thing routinely so don't ignore an anal sex guide for couples as it can turn your sex life around if it is needs some spice and it can make a great sex life absolutely amazing! There are several guide books on anal sex but look for one that specializes on how to introduce anal sex and has a step-by-step system in order to get a woman who has never done it to try it in a manner that is very pleasurable, so you can give a woman the most explosive orgasms of her life!!!

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