Beware: Many Cycling Affect Sperm Quality So slack!

The relationship between sperm quality in sports cycling, began to lift. A study conducted by Boston University found that cycling is conducted at least five hours a week, turned out to worsen the quality of sperm.
The study titled "Fertility and Sterility" committed against the athletes bike. According to one of the team, Lauren Wise, research conducted between cycling relationship with reproductive organs, urinary tract problems and quality of sperm.

"We found an association between sperm quality with physical activity undertaken," he said as quoted by Reuters. However, he acknowledged, warning it was too early.

This conclusion is based on observations made on 2.200 men at fertility clinics. In addition to examples of sperm, they were also asked to answer questions about health and physical activity.

After examining the medical records, food to clothing in use, the researchers found, men who exercise frequently, has a sperm disorder than those who never exercise.

When Wise and his team studied type of exercise performed, it turns out the respondents said they often cycling at least five hours a week. The amount and quality of their sperm, it was two times lower than those without cycling.

Trauma or rising temperatures around the scrotum allegedly affect sperm quality. But Wise admitted, further research needs to be done about this.

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