Frequent Sex Position Change Affect Burn Many Calories?

SEX is very useful for couples. Not only as a venue for evidentiary love, but sex can also make the body more healthy. What article?

Much like sports, sex is an activity that is very healthy. Sex with a partner can help a person form the body. In addition to making the body active, sex can also create more work because of heart included in the category of cardiovascular exercise.

When having sex with a partner, you need a great exertions, all the muscles of the body will work every time you copulate with a partner. Thus, the muscles of the body becomes more supple and toned.

Not only that, a new study reveals that every time you kiss foreplay when the event is able to burn 26 calories. Can you imagine how many calories can you burn while engaged in a one-time struggle with a partner?

However, very few people know that indulge in sex sessions can trigger the sweat, the same advantageous to the sport. This not only helps burn extra calories, but also allows the couple to perform regular exercise and also enjoy sexual pleasure.

"Almost all the muscles including legs, thighs, arms, shoulder and lower abdomen that work at the time of sexual interaction. Whatever is done to the body must be done for at least 15 minutes. So couples need to give extra attention. If they want to gain additional health benefits of sexual positions, they must extend to sexual activity from foreplay to climax, "said Dr. Basheer Ahmad Roy, a specialist in sex in India that quoted by the Times of India, on Friday (29/10/2010).

Despite the fact that sex can relieve headaches, reduce depression, make hair shine and skin, it is also true. Meanwhile, Dr Shivi Jaggi, Sexologist based in Delhi insists that sex helps burn more calories through the different positions. What article?

"Some positions require more physical strength and involves more muscle work. So that causes weight loss and muscle training. The intensity of movement and duration of sex makes a lot of difference," concludes Dr. Jaggi Shivi.

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