Hmm,,, This is the Position-Position Mutually Satisfying Sex Couples

Some people have problems in adjusting the position to make love for durability. While others have difficulty with their partner in reaching a climax. Well, we've compiled a list of some fantastic sex positions. Sex positions is believed to meet the particular mission you sexually, which must include to give a woman some pure pleasure.

For your information, this sex positions do not become the most attractive position, actually it's still pretty basic and you do not have to be a yoga expert to be proficient in sexual positions. Here are tips to please your partner interesting:

1. Woman on Top Position

This position is perfect when your partner is feeling energetic and cheerful. When a woman takes control, he could decide whether he wants to orgasm via her clitoris or G-spot, since both types of orgasms can be achieved through this position. For clitoral orgasm, ask her to lean her body forward, arch your back, and groin near the base of your penis. To make it unusual, try Startle to really hit the spot and increase sensitivity. Pull yourself to upright and hug him tightly.

2. Sitting Position

To start this sex position, lift your wife on the table and let him stretch his legs. Now, you have to stand in front of him with the force angle. Sexual intercourse in this position must make passionate sex with a fast and stimulate the G-spot. Although much is your opportunity to feel it, remember that you will be prone to premature ejaculation. Because of this position, the head of your penis will rub the inner body so it will be difficult to control orgasm.

3. Missionary Position

Missionary position is the position of the most conventional and, do not deny this is that we all liked the old style of this excellent. This sex position allows to have a special feeling of closeness between you and your spouse. This position is very common but that does not mean that it can not be extraordinary. Use a few rounds on your hips when entering and exiting. Remember that your angle will really make the difference between an impressive performance.

4. Doggy Style Position

In general, most men prefer Doggy Style position. Men and women spend their animal instincts are very good when the position of the rear. Increase the strength of your feelings so that your partner does not hurt. Finally, Doggy Style is usually better for hitting the G-spot, therefore, try massaging her clit to double sensation.

5. Faced Each Other Positions

This position is very beneficial for men who tend to ejaculate prematurely. This position will limit the range of motion, because it needs a longer foreplay session. Doing this position will require a constant movement of your pelvis, and will cause a sensation and avoid the loss of an erection. This is the best position to caress and seduce your wife with verbal praise. Hopefully most of you will try some interesting positions and maximize the pleasure your partner.

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