Premature Ejaculation And Why Ignoring It Is A Mistake

Men tend to have rather high opinions of themselves when it comes to matters of their sexual ability and potency, and this can make recognising and dealing with problems such as premature ejaculation even more difficult than it might otherwise be. Because we are biologically pre-programmed to be proud and sure of ourselves, many of us find it very difficult to even admit to - let alone talk about - sexual problems such as premature ejaculation.

Men have benefitted enormously in recent years from the wealth of information that is now available about how best to tackle problems like PE, but for many the great problem remains admitting that a problem exists. Although most men are happy to research their problem online and read articles and advice, it still seems that many find talking to a doctor or sex therapist - even to their partners or close friends - too difficult or embarrassing a prospect to face.

For a lot of men with premature ejaculation the problem is ignored and swept under the carpet, perhaps in the hope that it will get better by being ignored (it won't) or just because discussing the subject seems so acutely embarrassing. For a few unfortunate men in this position their problem leads to stress, anxiety and even depression. A problem that in many cases can be overcome (or at least reduced) with simple mind over matter techniques, prescription medications or an herbal premature ejaculation remedy instead becomes much worse, affecting work and family life as the man struggles with a slide into depression.

However embarrassed you might feel about talking to a professional or your partner the alternative - locking your problem away in a mental draw - is far worse. There is no need to make a problem worse simply for the sake of saving face. Premature ejaculation sometimes, regularly or acutely affects over 30% of all men, and your doctor or sex therapist will have discussed this issue with many other men in your position.

If you're worried about talking to your partner then you should reflect that in most cases she will already be aware that you have a problem with PE and will simply be waiting for you to talk about it, perhaps herself too embarrassed about bringing it up or else worried about how you will react. It is always easier to tackle a problem such as PE together.

If you really cannot overcome your initial fear of discussing your problem then you may wish to consider using a premature ejaculation remedy. These come in several forms and work in a variety of ways. Topical sprays or creams work by reducing sensation, which can help you to keep going for longer but at the cost of some pleasure and sensitivity. An herbal premature ejaculation remedy such as Delay works by regulating the release of hormones and neurotransmitters your brain secretes when you become aroused and approach climax. An herbal premature ejaculation remedy can help to greatly improve your staying power without reducing pleasure or sensitivity.

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