Pure Carbon Black; Is it Really Essential?

Biosphere technology converts used tires which can produce premium carbon black. Carbon black is an elemental carbon produced from guarded combustion of petroleum hydrocarbons. It does not contain set crystal structure and mostly found as a fine powder or in pellet form. It is essentially used as a coloring and reinforcing agent in rubber production and as toner for photocopiers and laser printers.

Carbon black is an inorganic, synthetic black pigment gives a velvety black but does not tend to mix well and the term is used to refer to any of several similar black pigments such as:
  • Pure carbon black
  • Lamp black
  • Noir de Carbone
  • Ivory black

Importance of Carbon Black

Carbon black is usually used to reinforce rubber products, and it is also used in paints, inks and toner.  It is a high value product which came from a successful recycled recovery that can be extremely important.  And this will highly provide some large opportunity for organizations and business firm to make more money not by selling old tires. Hence, it will decrease the amount of illegal tire dumps around the world.

It is the pigment used in black ink which we use for printing jobs and made to be safe. It can also be found in paint, rubber, plastic and in the textiles that are used in everyday life. Some study says that it could be harmful if inhaled as a dust. Nowadays it has been improved and vanished as paste in the other components of the ink making the dust hazard issue nullified.

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