Comparison iPad Galaxy Vs Tab, Advanced Features and price!

Invasion of the tablet PC was starting to feel the effects in Indonesia. We have two great prima donna who was loved by the market at the end of this year. Apple's iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Compared with a screen 9.7 inchnya iPad, Galaxy Tab is more portable with a screen size only by 7 inch (600 x 1024 pixels). On the size of 768 x 1024 pixels, the screen feels slightly wider iPad.

3-inch size difference is enough to make the characters in bringing these two different products. iPad more suitable bag included, while more fitting inserted Glaxy Tab jacket pocket. Let's look at different characters and a second specification of these tablets.

Galaxy Tab, Android As much as 7 Inch Giants

Galaxy Tab is the first product in the realm Samsung tablet PC. Armed with sophisticated operating system Android 2.2 (Froyo), this product is claimed would be a gadget that is loved the community.

IPAD is like trying to fill the void between the smart phone with netbooks, so anything with which to position Samsung Galaxy Tab same class. As a newcomer, the product has some gaps that do not exist in the iPad. For example the camera.

Tablet Samsung has a camera of 3.2 megapixel (rear) and 1.3 megapixel (front). Although not very nice capture images in a dark room, but its presence is a separate point.

Innards that carried this product was not kidding. Call it the use of Cortex A8-speed 1GHz processor coupled with 512MB of RAM memory. With these specifications, Galaxy Tab able to carry out film-resolution 1920 x 1080 without problem. Supported movie format these tools are quite complete, such as, DivX, XviD, MPEG4, and H.264 course. IPAD, Bridging the iPhone and MacBook

Admittedly, IPAD is a tablet PC with the most seamless appearance. When introducing the iPad, Steve Jobs had mentioned this gadget will fill the 'empty space' between the iPhone and MacBook.

In terms of size and completeness of the device, iPad is suitable to fill the space. He is bigger than the iPhone, but not enough to weigh like a MacBook (or other laptop).

IPad size big enough to enjoy digital content such as comics, web pages, and video. But he is not too large, making it hard to operate with one hand.

However, the weight that should iPad 'light' it becomes heavy enough to use with one hand on a long term. His back is made from aluminum also support the user's anxiety: fear iPad slipped and fell his

From a glance the characteristics of the two tablets on the above, let us compare of each element: 

1) Design

Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch fitting grip and has a solid design. Compared iPad weight feels lighter.
IPAD, measuring 9.7 inch bit of anxiety if these tablets fall. Its weight is heavier than the Galaxy Tab, but looks more elegant wrapped alumunim and not too fat. The screen is clearly more relieved than Galaxy Tab.

2) Display

Galaxy Tab, is that Android would have a more complex view than IOS. Some Android users who have been accustomed to would not have a problem. But for ordinary users, it looks more confusing than the iPad.

iPad, IOS has the look a more simple and easy to understand for ordinary users. The design and feel, IOS more smooth and seamless in terms of transitions, effects, and running applications.

3) Feature

Galaxy Tab, take a crack that is not owned by iPad. With two cameras, tablet, this Samsung's certainly become more functional. In addition, Galaxy tab already support Flash.

IPAD, appear much simpler without a camera. Apple Tablet is also not support the Flash format. Galaxy Tab may be superior to dual it.

4) Prices

Galaxy Tab, sold at Rp 6 million. Unlike the iPad, Galaxy Tab has no Wifi version only. All these are all in a single tablet.

IPAD, has officially entered Indnesia. Indonesia AppStore sell from USD 4.7 million (Wifi 16 GB). The most expensive model is the IPAD with a capacity of 64GB 3G connection is offered at around USD 7.9 million.


Well, now the choice fell on each hand. If you want a tablet that berdisplay relief, can be used to type fast then choose the iPad. But if you want a tablet that is more concise to include a small bag, a camera, and certainly supports the Flash format, pilihalah Galaxy Tab. 

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