Comparison iPad Galaxy Vs Tab, Advanced Features and price!

Invasion of the tablet PC was starting to feel the effects in Indonesia. We have two great prima donna who was loved by the market at the end of this year. Apple's iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Compared with a screen 9.7 inchnya iPad, Galaxy Tab is more portable with a screen size only by 7 inch (600 x 1024 pixels). On the size of 768 x 1024 pixels, the screen feels slightly wider iPad.

3-inch size difference is enough to make the characters in bringing these two different products. iPad more suitable bag included, while more fitting inserted Glaxy Tab jacket pocket. Let's look at different characters and a second specification of these tablets.

Galaxy Tab, Android As much as 7 Inch Giants

Galaxy Tab is the first product in the realm Samsung tablet PC. Armed with sophisticated operating system Android 2.2 (Froyo), this product is claimed would be a gadget that is loved the community.

IPAD is like trying to fill the void between the smart phone with netbooks, so anything with which to position Samsung Galaxy Tab same class. As a newcomer, the product has some gaps that do not exist in the iPad. For example the camera.

Tablet Samsung has a camera of 3.2 megapixel (rear) and 1.3 megapixel (front). Although not very nice capture images in a dark room, but its presence is a separate point.

Innards that carried this product was not kidding. Call it the use of Cortex A8-speed 1GHz processor coupled with 512MB of RAM memory. With these specifications, Galaxy Tab able to carry out film-resolution 1920 x 1080 without problem. Supported movie format these tools are quite complete, such as, DivX, XviD, MPEG4, and H.264 course. IPAD, Bridging the iPhone and MacBook

Admittedly, IPAD is a tablet PC with the most seamless appearance. When introducing the iPad, Steve Jobs had mentioned this gadget will fill the 'empty space' between the iPhone and MacBook.

In terms of size and completeness of the device, iPad is suitable to fill the space. He is bigger than the iPhone, but not enough to weigh like a MacBook (or other laptop).

IPad size big enough to enjoy digital content such as comics, web pages, and video. But he is not too large, making it hard to operate with one hand.

However, the weight that should iPad 'light' it becomes heavy enough to use with one hand on a long term. His back is made from aluminum also support the user's anxiety: fear iPad slipped and fell his

From a glance the characteristics of the two tablets on the above, let us compare of each element: 

1) Design

Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch fitting grip and has a solid design. Compared iPad weight feels lighter.
IPAD, measuring 9.7 inch bit of anxiety if these tablets fall. Its weight is heavier than the Galaxy Tab, but looks more elegant wrapped alumunim and not too fat. The screen is clearly more relieved than Galaxy Tab.

2) Display

Galaxy Tab, is that Android would have a more complex view than IOS. Some Android users who have been accustomed to would not have a problem. But for ordinary users, it looks more confusing than the iPad.

iPad, IOS has the look a more simple and easy to understand for ordinary users. The design and feel, IOS more smooth and seamless in terms of transitions, effects, and running applications.

3) Feature

Galaxy Tab, take a crack that is not owned by iPad. With two cameras, tablet, this Samsung's certainly become more functional. In addition, Galaxy tab already support Flash.

IPAD, appear much simpler without a camera. Apple Tablet is also not support the Flash format. Galaxy Tab may be superior to dual it.

4) Prices

Galaxy Tab, sold at Rp 6 million. Unlike the iPad, Galaxy Tab has no Wifi version only. All these are all in a single tablet.

IPAD, has officially entered Indnesia. Indonesia AppStore sell from USD 4.7 million (Wifi 16 GB). The most expensive model is the IPAD with a capacity of 64GB 3G connection is offered at around USD 7.9 million.


Well, now the choice fell on each hand. If you want a tablet that berdisplay relief, can be used to type fast then choose the iPad. But if you want a tablet that is more concise to include a small bag, a camera, and certainly supports the Flash format, pilihalah Galaxy Tab. 

Justin Bieber is blasphemed Due to Support Development of the Mosque at Ground Zero

Andy Sullivan, chairman of the Brooklyn construction worker and vocal opponent Park51, the proposed mosque was built near the site of Ground Zero, has found a new target: Justin Bieber. He called for a boycott of Justin Bieber after an interview with Tiger Beat, where Bieber said the Muslims are very cool (super cool) and supports the construction of a mosque near Gorund Zero.
In an interview with Tiger Beat, a young pop star who first soared through the Youtube site emphasizes that freedom of religion is the thing that makes America great. He called those who oppose the mosque motivated by bigotry.
"Muslims should be allowed to build mosques wherever they want," says the singer. "Coming from Canada, I'm not familiar with the level of intolerance as it now exists (in America), eh."

Bieber went on to say that Muslims are "super cool," Christian is a "lame-o-rama," and that the mosque will help "start a dialogue" with all religions. 

"I was about seven years old when the September 11 tragedy happened, and frankly I'm surprised there are still controversies about it. Step on!"

Sullivan said it will continue calling for a boycott of Bieber across America. He also called on all young people to reduce Bieber posters from their rooms.
However, a state media Bieber had never spoken with Tiger beat of Park51. Salon columnist, Justin Elliott, trying to find the article Tiger Beat and find that piece of conversation quoted by Sullivan is actually a work of satire from a site called, which was insulting Islam and contains features softcore porn. The site owner asserted that the article was actually a hoax.
But Sullivan does not seem to care. He said on WYNC end of December 2010 that her children have been banned from attending the show Bieber.
"I told them, 'Hey Guys, guess Justin Bieber speaking what? Forward plan to build mosque in Gorud Zero," said Sullivan to the Salon in an interview. "My little girl down posters and Bieber said he has deleted from the list of his idol."
Facebook page has also been launched by the allies to publicize the boycott Bieber Sullivan and several other celebrity pro-mosque. This page has attracted nearly 500 fans.

This He Names Celebrities are Fooled by Power Balance Bracelet!

It is undeniable, the popularity of Power Balance among the celebrities the 'craze' lately. Power Balance Bracelet, who 'promised' improve balance, strength, and flexibility of its users, looking to decorate the hands of many celebrities, ranging from David Beckham to Kate Middleton.
Surprisingly, recently, the company that makes this bracelet stating that there is no scientific evidence of the ability of these bracelets, which also means that this bracelet is no different than ordinary rubber bands.
Companies that produce Power Balance has even offered compensation to buyers in Australia at the same time promising to change the look of the website, packaging, until its ads to convey messages with more correct.
The statement that the company would make some people feel cheated. Well, want to know the world has ever seen a row of celebrities adorn their hands with deceptive Power Balance :

  1. David Beckham This British footballer ever caught on camera wearing a black colored Power Balance that circles the arm in an opportunity. He probably wanted to look prime symbolizes his status as an athlete. 
  2. Kate Middleton Prince William's future wife is also not to be outdone. Similar bracelet looks adorned the hand as the British Queen Candidates walk in a place some time ago.
  3. Robert De Niro Artist aging has also been spotted wearing a Power Balance when interviewed by a media. Is it in order to maintain health at the age of no longer young?
  4. P Diddy Diddy was seen wearing a rubber band when he acted on stage. Whether because of follow-up trend or rap singer from the United States it was considered cool Power Balance?
  5. Gerard Butler Starring colossal film 300 is also caught on camera wearing a bracelet 'balancing' was at an event.

Apparently, famous celebrities such as they had become victims of fraud a rubber band

This is the reason for Blackberry Is Closing in Indonesia

Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring giving a deadline of two weeks to Research in Motion (RIM) for denying access to pornography. If not, before the end of January 2011 all BlackBerry services in the six operators will be closed.

"We have enough tolerance. Now if RIM is not too close access to pornography two weeks from now, certainly we're closed," the minister said after inaugurating echelon I officials at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics building, Jakarta, Friday (1/7/2011).

According to Tifatul, there are many porn sites that can be accessed via the BlackBerry. "At that point the operator has been blocked, just stay in RIM's international connections are not yet well covered until now," he said.


Operators who became partners in organizing the RIM BlackBerry is Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Axiata, Natrindo Cell Phones, Hutchison CP Telecom and Smart Telecom. Currently, BlackBerry users Homeland estimated to reach two million subscribers.

On that occasion, the minister was also unable to hide his frustration against the Canadian vendor. Therefore, orders and appeals are submitted Kominfo not likewise ignored even though RIM has an office in Indonesia.

"Why is RIM's office in Jakarta if any meeting is always a reason we call being in Canada," snapped Tifatul.

Here are 10 Favorite Cars For Sex

Maybe this is a unique research, but have a point. For according to research by explained that almost all of the respondents, which is a driver in Britain, enjoying sex in a car.
According Autoquake and quoted from Carscoop, Friday (7/1/2011) as much as 54 percent of 1000 respondents admitted having sex in the car happy. As many as 22 percent thought it was a fantastic experience.

However, despite playing in the car was narrow and had probably been caught, but 32 percent of respondents think that it is an extraordinary thing.

In this case, men were more active when having sex in cars, one of three men or 28 percent say it is a fantastic thing. While only 18 percent of women who feel the same.

But as much as 31 percent of women consider sex in a car is something wrong and only 11 percent of men think the same.

Of the 1,000 respondents, most of even those aged over 55 years of the most widely perform up to 39 percent.

Autoquake CEO, Dermot Halpin, said, "We were surprised that so many drivers have used their cars as a bedroom walk, and was impressed that the older generation who lead".

This is a list of the best car to have sex Autoquake versions :

  1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class EstateMemiliki large cabin, so make this car perfect for couples who are having sex. 
  2. Volkswagen Beetle (original), Sex in the car is a bit narrow, but even more satisfying.
  3. Italian Ferrari 458Jika you will have sex in a Ferrari, do it in a semi-automatic gearbox so there is no danger of getting hurt.
  4. Mini CooperBernostalgia 60s era, making the Mini swaying really exciting.
  5. Volvo Enthusiasts V70Favorit doggy style.
  6. Volkswagen Golf GTISebuah efficient cars, while providing a satisfying sex.
  7. Alfa Romeo SpiderPilihan romantic for adult women and new college graduates.
  8. Rolls-Royce GhostMengapa not do it in luxury?
  9. Aston Martin VanquishSensasi typical UK until the end, as said Roger Moore. 
  10. Land any weather DiscoveryDalam Rover, Discovery will bring your parking quietly in the countryside. 

Really, Facebook Is Closing 15 March, 2011 Upcoming?

Shocking news came from Facebook. The biggest social network in the face of this earth will be preached immediately closed within two months by the owner, Mark Zuckerberg.

As quoted from, Sunday (09/01/2011), history of Facebook, which has 500 million users worldwide will soon be over on March 15, 2011. 

"Facebook is completely excessive, I must end all this madness. All the pressure is now managing this company has ruined my life," Zuckerberg said in a statement as claimed

Statement Zuckerberg allegedly reinforced by Avrat Humarthi, vice president for Technical Affairs up. "After 15 March, everything will be closed. If you want to look back at your photos, we recommend immediate download from the internet. You will never again take it up our cap," he said.

Still according to claim that site, Zuckerberg assess its decision to close up very heavy. But he felt that the best way for everyone.

"Frankly, this is the best way. Without up, people will go out and create friendships true. It is always a good thing," he said.

Until now, the only site who wrote stories about going to the closing up. There is no official media reported, because the site is only site mere parody. The content is far from the truth. 

You know, Why People Difficult to Stop Smoking?

A new study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry found that the habit of smoking can reduce the thickness of the human brain.

Researchers compared the thickness of the cortex on volunteers, both smokers and who had never smoked, who have no medical or psychiatric illness, was quoted by the Times Of India. The cortex is the area of the brain that is responsible for many important functions, including language, information processing, and memory.

The result is stunning. People who smoke thinned cortex in the left middle orbitofrontal. People who smoke more frequently, according to the study, depletion of cortical networks will be increasingly obvious.

These findings show, with thinning of the cortex, then the risk of becoming a drug addict rose, even she will increasingly become heavy smokers.

"Because of the thinning, it will be associated with impulse control, reward processing and decision making. This might explain how someone can become addicted to nicotine," said Simone Kuhn, one of the researchers.

Kuhn added, "In further studies, we plan to explore the rehabilitative effects of quitting smoking on the brain."
"The current findings indicate that smoking may have a cumulative effect on the brain," said John Krystal, MD, Editor of Biological Psychiatry at Yale University, who revealed this finding also highlights the importance of targeting young smokers to stop smoking. 

Young people urged not to take risks with their sexual health

YOUNGSTERS are being encouraged to Wrap Up this festive season and not take risks with their sexual health.

A new campaign, called Wrap Up, is encouraging young people to make positive decisions about their sexual health and is providing them with information and advice.

As part of the campaign posters, toilet door stickers and interactive emails have been distributed to young people throughout the county.

Michelle Fowler, teenage pregnancy and parenting manager for Worcestershire, said: “At this time of year many young people are out celebrating and drinking with friends.

“Because alcohol lowers inhibitions, some young people may take more risks with their sexual behaviour if they drink too much – this includes having sex when they might otherwise not, and being less likely to use a condom when they do have sex.”

For information on sexual health services youngsters can visit the Arrowside Unit (based at the Alex Hospital) in Redditch and Smallwood House in Church Green West in Redditch.

Other centres include Droitwich Health Centre and Bromsgrove Sexual Health Clinic.

Is mediocre sex still good sex?

Some say that even mediocre sex is  still good sex, but is this really true, especially for someone who has had a lot of good and bad sex?

We’ve all had to settle for a poor sexual performance at one time or another.  Sometimes it’s related to anxiety, alcohol, drugs, or even stupidity. Whatever the reason, when sex goes bad, sometimes it’s really, really bad—the kind of bad that makes you wish you had stayed home to watch porn.

Sex is meant to be fun and exciting; not weird, awkward, or disappointing.  Recently Soccer Dad and I were out with a couple on a second date.  Our first encounter with them was hot and heavy.  We couldn’t wait to top that night at the swingers club.  This time we met at their house. We walked into their dimly lit bedroom filled with dirty clothes.  While some may not notice the mess, I found this a bit tacky and inconsiderate.

But like the swinger troopers we are, Soccer Dad and I pressed on as our hormones were already raging with desire.  All four of us climbed on their king size bed where we began kissing, removing clothes, and rediscovering that spark.  It wasn’t long before John was instructing us to rub his wife up and down. Both Soccer Dad and I obliged his request, but we were perplexed. While we’re Esctasy virgins, both John and his wife had taken a hit to increase their pleasure without considering how this would affect Soccer Dad’s and my evening. After a lot of rubbing and moaning and some rather lame play, the night ended with only minimal real sexual interaction.  While they may have been happy with just a massage, Soccer Dad and I had not come over to give half hour back rubs.

Drugs and alcohol are just a few factors that can make for a lame sexual encounter.  Sometimes that initial spark with another couple wanes rather quickly when everyone undresses.  Soccer Dad and I met another couple recently in a bar. The conversation went easily and the suggestion of jumping into bed with these virtual strangers seemed exhilarating. As I lay on the bed being serviced by Jenny’s husband, I found myself listening to her rhythmic moans.  I alternated watching the sexual display between my own legs and hers.  I studied how her eyes were closed and her hands slowly rubbed herself, my husband, and me. While she was entranced in pleasure, I was in a different world next to her.   I looked around the room at the ceiling fan twirling above and the mirror on the wall beside me.  I played with my nipples and momentarily considered how great my breasts looked at that angle.  While this entire scenario sounds sexy, even enticing, the truth is all these thoughts were swirling in my head because I was bored.  Jenny’s husband was going down on me with vigor. He was excited about the impending sex with me and had called me super sexy moments before. But somewhere between hello, disrobing, and that first kiss, something was lost.

Even in the light of budding desire, the quick demise of sexual excitement is an unfortunate risk for a swinger or any sexually active person who must depend on a stranger to fulfill her sexual needs. Is bad sex still good sex?  Not to me, not anymore.  Maybe I have gotten a bit disgruntled in regards to sex.

Sex ed skips sex and focuses on financial troubles

Some schools are shifting away from the staple scare tactics of sex ed programs such as graphic pictures and shocking statistics on STDs and child birth. Instead educators are focusing on discussing the burden that being a teen parent puts on your relationships, your child, your financial security, your career aspirations, and your future.

This method is in stark contrast to previous programs that promote abstinence only or which detail contraceptive measures—messages which often go ignored under the tidal wave of teen hormones.

This program was conceived by Texas child-support officials with the goal of reducing the more than a million child-support enforcement cases the government must deal with each year. Programs like No Kidding and Parenting and Paternity Awareness (PAPA) don’t concern themselves with the morality or health risks associated with risky sex. They explain why you don’t want to get pregnant, not how to prevent pregnancy. Educators even bring in actual teen parents to explain the legal, emotional, and financial difficulties that come with having a child at an early age. This is an important shift as these new programs address the reality that many teens see pregnancy as a positive thing—a way to strengthen a troubled relationship, a status symbol, or even a way of receiving a monthly paycheck.

According to the most recent data from 2008, around four percent of females between fifteen and nineteen will have a baby—a number much higher than any other developed country. While no data is yet available regarding the pregnancy rates of teens who go through these programs, some surveys suggest that after taking the course students are much less likely to want to have a child before marriage. The principles utilized by PAPA and No Kidding have started to spread to other states that have incorporated similar programs.

Conditions of Mount Merapi Geologists LIPI & Singapore Version

News of Mount Merapi erupted again early this morning, more awesome than the first eruption on October 26, 2010. In fact, the latter is probably the terdahsyat within the last 100 years.

The eruption of Merapi has claimed 69 lives. Heat cloud struck the village of Argomulyo a distance 18 kilometers from the mountain top. This catastrophe happened the first time there. Meanwhile, the city of Yogyakarta is preparing for a cold lava flood. First Alert Status enforced.

Does Merapi will fade to normal or are preparing to spew even greater energy, there is no definitive answer.

Recently there was a discussion amongst the geologists Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) on the condition of Merapi. According to reliable sources, there are a number of conclusions drawn from these discussions.

First, the eruption of Merapi is different from previous eruptions since the 1870's. Previous eruptions originated from shallow magma, with a depth of about 2 kilometers.

"Now the type of explosive because the magma seems to come from a very deep, 6 to 10 miles," according to information obtained VIVAnews, Friday, November 5, 2010.

The situation also becomes more difficult to predict. One reason: the equipment is still functioning just seismometers. Meanwhile, other tools such as a monitoring tool deformation (EDM and tilt meter), gas recording devices, and visual monitoring equipment, damaged. Because of that, let alone know what is happening with Merapi, to find out what the current activity of Merapi, difficult.

"Is it possible that a larger eruption? Answer, there is not enough data to answer this," one geologist complain.
The geologists are concerned because they can not know how big pockets of magma-feeding in and how much from the bottom or coat of Merapi. However, there are other ways to help predict the next eruption, namely by looking at the chemical composition of materials that induce vomiting.

"This is being done by experts in Yogyakarta," the source said.

3 Things to Look For in touch with the United States!

People's Coalition for Justice Fisheries (Kiara) said, there are three things that should be considered in relation to the fisheries business relations between Indonesia and the United States.

"In the context of fisheries, there are three things which should be noted and received corrections in the framework of Indonesian fishery-American relations," said Secretary General of Kiara, Riza Damanik, when contacted in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/11).

Riza explained, the first thing is related to marine conservation program in the scope "Coral Triangle Initiative" (CTI) in which the U.S. became one of the main motor. According to him, the initiative has not been a major contribution both in order to improve the marine environment, as well as helping fishermen in adapting to climate change.

For that, he continued, cooperation between two countries require a substantial change from the mere ceremonial. The second thing, he said, related to fisheries trade between the two countries. "I take the example of shrimp. America is the main export markets fresh shrimp from Indonesia, where in the process of production and trade has not been providing welfare for shrimp farmers," he said.

To that end, the U.S. wants to bring Kiara fisheries trade relations not only save the interest of business, but also the shrimp cultivators. While the third case is related to cooperative research and marine fisheries in the ocean where research often involves the American archipelago.

According to him, various research results that contribute little to the college of RI, including the development of RI technology. "A lot of U.S. gains achieved in such research," he said.

For that, Riza stressed the importance of corrections to the form of cooperation so that there is no imbalance in the relations between the two countries. United States President Barack Obama arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday (9 / 11) afternoon for a state visit until Wednesday afternoon.

A number of the agenda during Mr Obama was in Jakarta, among others, have a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, gave a speech at the Istiqlal mosque and gave a public lecture at UI, Depok. On several occasions Obama said that Indonesia is considered to play an important role in the world economy.