6 This is not realized and Outrageous When Sex!

Sex is the most intimate activities that occur between two beings. All couples will want to feel and realize sex is fun and perfect. However, not always of love always smooth. Intimacy, sex positions and lovemaking sensations sometimes not escape the embarrassing things that can happen spontaneously.

According to sex consultant, Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH, who is also the author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction, there are at least six other embarrassing things that can happen when you make love.

Debby is also the Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University in the U.S. notice, you do not have to worry about this embarrassing incident happened to you. He also gives tips to overcome these unexpected events.

1. Discard the wind when having sex. 

Discard the wind is a normal event that occurs in both the day or night. Only, sometimes it often occurs in an unexpected moment, including during intercourse. This incident certainly not an ideal. But it probably will happen to you and do not need to be embarrassed.

When it does happen, you just have to smile, laugh, and then resume activity. Give a chance for the couple for a while breathing air or hold my nose, or laughed and kissed you. Do not be offended if your partner do anything unexpected.

2. Burp when they want to smooch. 

Not all people have good reason to deliberately burped while kissing. But if it happens accidentally, you can remind the couple that it is not sexy, but sexy you think. But if he did it for fun and you take it too funny? Well, no need to be criticized. Sex is supposed to be fun.

3. Urination during sex. 

In fact, a strong desire to go to the bathroom inevitable and unpredictable. So, no big deal if you want to pee. Say that you have to go to the bathroom. Get up and do, then go back to bed. If wishes could pee on hold, then some women even claim to more easily reach orgasm when they want to the bathroom. Meanwhile, men prefer to urinate before having sex.

4. You "queef"Queef is a vaginal fart or also called a vart.

 This can happen when couples have sex with too much passion, so there is air that is too strong impetus to the vagina. In some women, queef became more frequent after they had children. Queef can be a sound that noisy, but not smell. If it happened to you, smile or laugh, and continue. Some couples believe queef also has entertainment value, believe me!

5. You forgot to tidy up the "down there". 

If you are an old couple, the he might not be too concerned or make comments about this one. However, a new partner may be a little surprised. If you feel confused and less confident, then you can make a joke if you had recently been shaved. If you're in your own home, then you can sneak into the bathroom and immediately shaved. If your spouse at home, then do not try to shave with a razor blade because it can cause infection.

6. Your hard "go". 

Sometimes couples find it difficult to perform vaginal intercourse. Do not hesitate to ask for help in the pair for your body "united". Using store-bought lubricant also be useful, especially if sexual activity is done after a warm bath or soak in warm water pool that can dry out the vagina.

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