This is the Time and Body Condition Right To Perform Sex!

Not only sexual position that could determine the pleasures of lovemaking, but need to consider the conditions, time and location of sex is very influential. How and when the best time for intercourse?

RELATED sex for husband and wife also has a number of special rules.

"Should a person does not perform copulation when his belly is filled (is satisfied). Should he twitched a little food from the stomach to empty the large (where digestion). Then, after copulation, he should sleep. In addition, a person does not perform copulation when his stomach is empty, because it can harm it. His body will feel heavy, so the desire is natural to be going out, "wrote Muhammad al-Baz through his book titled" Arabic Kamasutra ".

Muhammad al-Baz also explained, that both should copulationsdone when food is dropped from a large stomach and the digestive process has been completed.

"You have to remember that sexual intercourse should be avoided when conditions are poor digestion, as often happens expenditure of means of digestion, either in the form of vomiting or diarrhea, when the urine is flowing and going out, when the dirt will come out, and when there is bleeding," he explained.

In addition, he continued, copulations should also be avoided when the weather is very hot and when people who copulate in a very hot area. While the most appropriate time to copulate is when libido or sexual desire stronger peaked.

"He should not linger in retaining semen. If he exceeds that time limit (he copulate with excessive at any time and at will), then it shows that he no longer wants to maintain good health. He should know himself and his health back, "detailed Muhammad al-Baz.

Some of the ways in which bad copulate described Muhammad al-Baz, such as do stand, so it can endanger your hips, do so with body position tilt for people who have a weak ribs, and do it by sitting so that the semen is not easy to get out, can cause a sense of abdominal pain, and even can cause swelling of the penis shaft.

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