This is the eighth of Fruits That Can Improve Sex

If our ancestors relied various ingredients of medicinal herbs (herbs) to increase the power of sexuality and sexual performance, you also can create your own concoction. Not having to rely on chemical drugs that may have harmful side effects, this natural herb has the ability, no less different.

Whether it's bitter as you would imagine? No! herb that is certainly a sweet taste and you'll like.

Everything is a la fruit, because everyone would prefer fruits. Supplementing your diet, some fruit is the secret ingredient that will bring your rocket shot into space.

1. Banana

All know the fruit of this one, the yellow skin color and sweet taste tempting you can not refuse. Helps increase libido, especially in men, potassium and vitamin B it will boost the energy in the body needed to perform your sexual activity.

2. Avocado

Beauty fruit rich in vitamin E it was given the nickname "Tree testicles" by the Aztecs. High content of folic acid good for increasing your libido and the him. With potassium and vitamin B in it, the avocado into pieces that fit to be chosen as one of your love potion menu. No need to hesitate anymore, efficacy has been proven and guaranteed!

3. Pomegranate

Fruit that is increasingly rare indeed deserves thumbs up. It was a sweet and adorable make you curious. Composed of thousands of seeds, unique aroma and flavor can be enjoyed as a 'fruit of love' you and he. Functions the same time, help increase your libido. For that the fruit is referred to as 'fruit of love'. Still curious? Why do not you try it.

4. Watermelon

Rich in sitrulin and amino acids required to facilitate the circulation of blood, fresh fruit blushed red, it is also one of the fruits hero for our times this herb. Believed sitrulin who conceived Watermelon helps increase libido. Well fitted if you are a watermelon lover, not only the freshness of what you'll get, a nice step towards the next honeymoon you'll also feel.

5. Strawberry

Rich in zinc, sweet fruit of this one also can help increase your libido. Serve in the form of juice, or mix your salad. Delicious taste will not bore you enjoy it.

6. Kiwi

Rich in vitamin C, that is known of kiwifruit. And its content of vitamin C will help increase the number and quality of sperm. Its vitamin C content is almost perfect, with 500 - 1000 miligrams, improve the quality of sperm and increase the chance of the sperm to fertilize your egg.

7. Wine

If Wine can be intoxicating drinks, fruit also makes you more intoxicated by love. This one fruit was known in medieval Greek as the fruit of fertility. The content of vitamins is believed to increase libido and sexual performance, so that the kings and nobles Greece is always present it as a special food in bed.

8. Pineapple

Maybe you'll avoid the pineapple because of increased whiteness. Unlike its effect if it is eaten men, some vitamins that are in Pineapple improve the quantity and quality of sperm. Even some people to consume them regularly to improve the quality of sperm that are too thin.

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