Here's Round Three To Do To Achieve Best Sex

For women, sex is not just physical proximity, but also emotional. Learn tricks on how women can enjoy sex through the three acts is important."When your body and your emotions come together in bed, you will feel more relaxed, connect with couple, horny, and all of which result in better sex," says certified sexuality educator Logan Levkoff.

"Plus, doing it slowly will keep the orgasm so that when it finally reached the top, orgasm will feel more explosive," he added.

Before having sexIn the morning, start buai feelings with sexy messages to your mobile phone or e-mail her, "I can not wait to take you out of your work clothes." Plus, let what will you do to him later tonight to add to her curiosity.

"Act of writing stimulates the imagination in ways in which other sensory media can not do it. Paper forces you to fill the void and create their own visuals. The combination of the words of author and recipient interpretation is actually a form of sex itself," explains author Ian Kerner She Comes First.

During sexStart with the sensation of touch, a series of actions designed to boost the confidence and passion without touching their genitals.

"The goal is to relax and build intimacy," said a licensed psychologist and sex therapist Arlene Goldman who also co-author of Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.

He suggested, take 10 minutes to play the role of giver and recipient (male as provider and women as recipients of the stimulus) and give a lot of stimulation, without touching the genitals.

Do not get too focused on how you stimulate, but rather that you feel each stimulus Lift. Lick the neck, groin kiss, run your fingers through his hair, and so slowly. Good foreplay is very important for the duration of sexual intercourse.

Well, ready for sex? Choose a position that allows you both to look at each other, such as missionary or woman on top.

"The position that gives you a full view of the naked body of each to build excitement quickly, whereas the sex position where the couple can look at each other, the intimacy and passion will be awakened more gradually," says Levkoff.

Having sex"Round aftersex as important as foreplay, like eating dessert after a wonderful dinner," said Goldman.

Hold for a few minutes in bed, when your partner's body is still attached to your body, focus on heart rate and breath sounds, and feel the sweat running down your body.

"Stay connected physically as this will make you both feel bound," he said.

Then, you can try to talk a little dirty. "Talking sex could be a great way to stay connected and increase sexual pleasure," says psychotherapist Tina Tessina.

If you still want to continue the second round, teased the couple with a little stimulation.

"By letting him know that you're ready for the second sex, you will not only increase the ego, but also make it in a state of high arousal," says Kerner.

"The main goal is to keep the male partner remains passionate and sexually satisfied. Seeing aroused partner will have the same effect to it," he said.

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