Do not Make Love by Style Standing Position, Danger!

IN between the styles of dangerous sex is performed with a standing position. What article? This position could weaken the knees and cause a fever.

"Sex with a tilted position may cause gout. Sex in the morning before breakfast to break the backs, reduces power, and weaken the outlook," said Muhammad al-Baz in the book "Arabic happy Couple Kamasutra Art of Living."

Al Baz also explained further, that sleep themselves and raise women above the chest until the semen came out, can cause diseases of the spine and heart disease.

"If the female semen into the urethra, it can cause the deadly disease yellow. While holding the semen can cause pembatuan time out and cause a hernia. Lots of movement and wash the penis with a strong shortly after persanggamaan can cause redness," he explained.

Naturally, when the couple hit by boredom with style sex in general, andtried have sex while standing , orby your side ( of the wife in the leaning , whilethe husband was in a standing position ) .

"However, it does not mean there is no other position that could serve no less delicious sensation. But it still safe for members of the body, "said Muhammad.

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