Here's Libido Causes Men and Women Different!

WOMEN need a lot of foreplay, while men need direct penetration. This is one common problem faced by married couples. If not handled carefully, sexual incompatibility must begin to affect the relationship at every stage.

Libido is not the same has been observed as the most common cause of dissatisfaction in a relationship. Senior sex therapist and Dr Rajan Bhonsle konseler review whatever reason incompatibility between male and female libido, as reported by the Times of India.

Frequency of sex

The frequency of sexual desires differ from person to person. So so many ideas about what is considered appropriate is often not possible match between each other. Sexual needs are often also depends on the stage where that relationship is in it. Remember the days when you can not find one word to each other enough for sex.

Phase passion to make way for more love more meaningful and satisfying. However, when sex every day began to fade and one of the party began to hear more of the phrase "not tonight, dear", then dissatisfaction would definitely deliver.


Each of us has different sexual tastes are also varied at different stages of life. Couples who have a higher sex drive is most likely to feel rejected and hurt when his desires are not unrequited.

On the other hand, couples who have a low sex drive can feel annoyed at having to touch, even when he did not feel up to it.


Missionary position made between you and your spouse work together well. Then, there was time when one of you want to do something different to break up the monotony. If the feeling is not unrequited, inevitable dissatisfaction.

Do not forget, each of us has a port of fantasy and wish the couple to meet (at least some of these sexual fantasies). After reaching a certain comfort level with each other.

However, the condition can be reversed. It may be that women rather passive during the action and leave the man who asked for "more".

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