Conditions of Mount Merapi Geologists LIPI & Singapore Version

News of Mount Merapi erupted again early this morning, more awesome than the first eruption on October 26, 2010. In fact, the latter is probably the terdahsyat within the last 100 years.

The eruption of Merapi has claimed 69 lives. Heat cloud struck the village of Argomulyo a distance 18 kilometers from the mountain top. This catastrophe happened the first time there. Meanwhile, the city of Yogyakarta is preparing for a cold lava flood. First Alert Status enforced.

Does Merapi will fade to normal or are preparing to spew even greater energy, there is no definitive answer.

Recently there was a discussion amongst the geologists Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) on the condition of Merapi. According to reliable sources, there are a number of conclusions drawn from these discussions.

First, the eruption of Merapi is different from previous eruptions since the 1870's. Previous eruptions originated from shallow magma, with a depth of about 2 kilometers.

"Now the type of explosive because the magma seems to come from a very deep, 6 to 10 miles," according to information obtained VIVAnews, Friday, November 5, 2010.

The situation also becomes more difficult to predict. One reason: the equipment is still functioning just seismometers. Meanwhile, other tools such as a monitoring tool deformation (EDM and tilt meter), gas recording devices, and visual monitoring equipment, damaged. Because of that, let alone know what is happening with Merapi, to find out what the current activity of Merapi, difficult.

"Is it possible that a larger eruption? Answer, there is not enough data to answer this," one geologist complain.
The geologists are concerned because they can not know how big pockets of magma-feeding in and how much from the bottom or coat of Merapi. However, there are other ways to help predict the next eruption, namely by looking at the chemical composition of materials that induce vomiting.

"This is being done by experts in Yogyakarta," the source said.

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