3 Things to Look For in touch with the United States!

People's Coalition for Justice Fisheries (Kiara) said, there are three things that should be considered in relation to the fisheries business relations between Indonesia and the United States.

"In the context of fisheries, there are three things which should be noted and received corrections in the framework of Indonesian fishery-American relations," said Secretary General of Kiara, Riza Damanik, when contacted in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/11).

Riza explained, the first thing is related to marine conservation program in the scope "Coral Triangle Initiative" (CTI) in which the U.S. became one of the main motor. According to him, the initiative has not been a major contribution both in order to improve the marine environment, as well as helping fishermen in adapting to climate change.

For that, he continued, cooperation between two countries require a substantial change from the mere ceremonial. The second thing, he said, related to fisheries trade between the two countries. "I take the example of shrimp. America is the main export markets fresh shrimp from Indonesia, where in the process of production and trade has not been providing welfare for shrimp farmers," he said.

To that end, the U.S. wants to bring Kiara fisheries trade relations not only save the interest of business, but also the shrimp cultivators. While the third case is related to cooperative research and marine fisheries in the ocean where research often involves the American archipelago.

According to him, various research results that contribute little to the college of RI, including the development of RI technology. "A lot of U.S. gains achieved in such research," he said.

For that, Riza stressed the importance of corrections to the form of cooperation so that there is no imbalance in the relations between the two countries. United States President Barack Obama arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday (9 / 11) afternoon for a state visit until Wednesday afternoon.

A number of the agenda during Mr Obama was in Jakarta, among others, have a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, gave a speech at the Istiqlal mosque and gave a public lecture at UI, Depok. On several occasions Obama said that Indonesia is considered to play an important role in the world economy.

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