This The reason North Korea attacks South Korea!

South Korea and North Korea to attack each other. Based on reports from YTN television and the government of South Korea, North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells into an island in the South Korean border. In return, South Korea also fired artillery on the grounds for self-defense.

The attack killed a South Korean marines. In addition, 14 other soldiers reportedly were wounded. The attack also wounded two civilians.

Television also showed black smoke coming from Yeonpyeong island located in the northern part of South Korea.

The attack today came after reports revealed that North Korea is developing a uranium enrichment program. This program is one potential way to build a nuclear bomb that caused serious concern for the United States and allies.

In the past year, tensions between the two countries are increasingly becoming-so. Tensions mounting after a South Korean warship sank in March that killed 46 people.

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