Did you know, Breast Forms Personality reflects a Woman?

Breasts are one the largest property owned by a woman because it as far as possible a woman caring for and protecting him. However, according to a survey, the nature, type and personality of a woman's breasts can be seen by the form it has. This is not a prediction but merely a case study based on breast shape has. At least there are 10 forms that represent the nature of women's breasts in general. Here are 10 types of women's views on his breast forms


Women owners of large breasts are women who do not like restrained of their liberty, so he supports the freedom and independence. easy for these women to start relationships with men, because she likes to greet everyone with a warm, friendly and open. You will be involved in intimate conversation even though new to know him. In addition, he also has broad thinking, humble, and kind, while his philosophy is life is short. But he is not reluctant to forgive others who never make mistakes to him. These ladies aspire to marry a man who respects freedom and prefer an active lifestyle. Men idol is the man responsible, and willing to share their common problems.

2. BREAST plump: 

Plump breasted women do not ever put up with serious ties. Sometimes he does not care about the feelings of others, but on the contrary, if the woman is already bound in marriage, he became like caring for her family including material needs and honest in her husband's family. From the outside this woman looks like a good person and responsible, but the emotion in his heart explode although only trivial problems. Macho-bodied men and obedient is the desire of these plump breasted woman.


The owner of this flat chest really appreciate the freedom and believe in the theory of the individual. This woman often experience conflict with yourself or anyone but this woman easily able to find a solution of his problems. This woman is talented in the field of art, such as interior decorating, crafts, cooking, and keep animals. Men who fit this woman is the man who patiently and did not talk much. For these women prefer less talk and a lot of work, though headstrong woman is full of warmth, love, and trustworthy.

4. BREAST UP and Over: 

This type of woman is very easy to set up, faithful to her partner, always vigilant, and like people who spoke to the point. Women tend to choose men who fit the criteria. Because once he fell in love, then he will be faithful to their partners. even she did not mind if her husband asked her to be a housewife and take care of her children at home. Ideal man for this woman is a man who had a sense of humor and has an open personality. To choose a life partner, this woman will not be judged based on the property, but the family background of the man.

5. BREAST cone:

 Words fail never entered the dictionary this cone-chested woman. This woman is a hobby sport, read books for literature and art, so he was very eager to conduct exploration in order to increase his experience. This woman fits friends with people who could understand him, because he does have a selfish nature and free to do whatever.


Women who have a wide aerolae areas, tend to be masculine aka tomboy. Generally, this tomboyish nature gradually disappears when this Wanta paruhbaya turned, and he's willing to dress feminine. But this woman does not like pressure or restraint from others. It is very difficult for him to be humble in front of others, because of pride or prestige high. He likes to compare between friends with each other. The man is right for this woman is a trustworthy and always be there when the hard and happy.

7. BREAST widened:

 The nature of this woman's cheerful and independent. Unfortunately, this woman likes to boast and exaggerate the problem. More crazy again, this woman is easy to get angry, do not like restrained but quick to help others who needed help. It could be this woman honestly and berterusterang when they deal with things emotionally draining. Although these women usually do not live in luxury, but she includes a frugal woman. Because he was bored if you have to be beside her partner all the time, so she likes to show their independence. At the same time he can be two-faced. The man who became the first child does not fit with this woman. The first child has the nature of love to organize. because marriage is not a pleasant thing for him. Strangely, when she tied her marriage will change.


The owner is very sensitive breasts. He will feel betrayed if his girlfriend did not respond to the attention given by specific cues. Then he will cry and lose trust in her love relationships. The mindset of this woman is innocent and inexperienced, because it appears too late awareness of sex. But do not worry about the knowledge and experience of sex will have progress if already married. Within households, women are lightening the atmosphere by nature a good-hearted, especially in welcoming her husband after work. The man who became the choice of this woman is brave and steadfast men in the establishment.


Women breast owner that looks like a bell is a practical-minded people who love and honest. The disadvantage is forgetful and not diligent work. He tried hard to talk and fight with their own feelings if there is something that makes them angry. This is what makes people think that he is someone who likes hysterical just because of trivial reasons. Mysterious charm, able to attract men but capable happy man.


This woman could never refuse a request to others. Its open, able to understand others, and patience, making this woman is known as a good-hearted person and helper. Maybe it appears good because he likes to interfere in other people's business. This woman dreams of becoming a housewife who wisely for their children. Suitable partner for this woman is a man who had a permanent job. Because this woman can not bear to face prolonged stress. If the stress he would be easily exposed to the disease.

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