This is the type of Ideal Time to have sex in

Stamina is important lovemaking positions in public life. Especially in sexual intercourse. Both men and women believe in a fantasy about the size of Mr. P, and its ability to survive through the night. But if it be true?

A study aims to find how much time having sex is considered ideal in sex. What is the duration of lovemaking that there is currently less, enough, or too much?

Based on feedback received from thousands of patients, a survey involving 50 psychologists, social workers, doctors, nurses and therapists to find a marriage there are four copulation duration is too long, too short, adequate and desirable.

Period of one to two minutes is considered "too short". Periods of three to seven minutes is considered "adequate".

Most of the respondents admitted that the duration of lovemaking that "desirable" lasted for 7-13 minutes. While sex is 10-30 minutes long considered "too long".

The survey findings provide opportunities for elimination of sexual fantasies that are not realistic and give an idea of the duration of sexual intercourse is acceptable.

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