Young people urged not to take risks with their sexual health

YOUNGSTERS are being encouraged to Wrap Up this festive season and not take risks with their sexual health.

A new campaign, called Wrap Up, is encouraging young people to make positive decisions about their sexual health and is providing them with information and advice.

As part of the campaign posters, toilet door stickers and interactive emails have been distributed to young people throughout the county.

Michelle Fowler, teenage pregnancy and parenting manager for Worcestershire, said: “At this time of year many young people are out celebrating and drinking with friends.

“Because alcohol lowers inhibitions, some young people may take more risks with their sexual behaviour if they drink too much – this includes having sex when they might otherwise not, and being less likely to use a condom when they do have sex.”

For information on sexual health services youngsters can visit the Arrowside Unit (based at the Alex Hospital) in Redditch and Smallwood House in Church Green West in Redditch.

Other centres include Droitwich Health Centre and Bromsgrove Sexual Health Clinic.

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