Here are 10 Favorite Cars For Sex

Maybe this is a unique research, but have a point. For according to research by explained that almost all of the respondents, which is a driver in Britain, enjoying sex in a car.
According Autoquake and quoted from Carscoop, Friday (7/1/2011) as much as 54 percent of 1000 respondents admitted having sex in the car happy. As many as 22 percent thought it was a fantastic experience.

However, despite playing in the car was narrow and had probably been caught, but 32 percent of respondents think that it is an extraordinary thing.

In this case, men were more active when having sex in cars, one of three men or 28 percent say it is a fantastic thing. While only 18 percent of women who feel the same.

But as much as 31 percent of women consider sex in a car is something wrong and only 11 percent of men think the same.

Of the 1,000 respondents, most of even those aged over 55 years of the most widely perform up to 39 percent.

Autoquake CEO, Dermot Halpin, said, "We were surprised that so many drivers have used their cars as a bedroom walk, and was impressed that the older generation who lead".

This is a list of the best car to have sex Autoquake versions :

  1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class EstateMemiliki large cabin, so make this car perfect for couples who are having sex. 
  2. Volkswagen Beetle (original), Sex in the car is a bit narrow, but even more satisfying.
  3. Italian Ferrari 458Jika you will have sex in a Ferrari, do it in a semi-automatic gearbox so there is no danger of getting hurt.
  4. Mini CooperBernostalgia 60s era, making the Mini swaying really exciting.
  5. Volvo Enthusiasts V70Favorit doggy style.
  6. Volkswagen Golf GTISebuah efficient cars, while providing a satisfying sex.
  7. Alfa Romeo SpiderPilihan romantic for adult women and new college graduates.
  8. Rolls-Royce GhostMengapa not do it in luxury?
  9. Aston Martin VanquishSensasi typical UK until the end, as said Roger Moore. 
  10. Land any weather DiscoveryDalam Rover, Discovery will bring your parking quietly in the countryside. 

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