This is the reason for Blackberry Is Closing in Indonesia

Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring giving a deadline of two weeks to Research in Motion (RIM) for denying access to pornography. If not, before the end of January 2011 all BlackBerry services in the six operators will be closed.

"We have enough tolerance. Now if RIM is not too close access to pornography two weeks from now, certainly we're closed," the minister said after inaugurating echelon I officials at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics building, Jakarta, Friday (1/7/2011).

According to Tifatul, there are many porn sites that can be accessed via the BlackBerry. "At that point the operator has been blocked, just stay in RIM's international connections are not yet well covered until now," he said.


Operators who became partners in organizing the RIM BlackBerry is Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Axiata, Natrindo Cell Phones, Hutchison CP Telecom and Smart Telecom. Currently, BlackBerry users Homeland estimated to reach two million subscribers.

On that occasion, the minister was also unable to hide his frustration against the Canadian vendor. Therefore, orders and appeals are submitted Kominfo not likewise ignored even though RIM has an office in Indonesia.

"Why is RIM's office in Jakarta if any meeting is always a reason we call being in Canada," snapped Tifatul.

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