Justin Bieber is blasphemed Due to Support Development of the Mosque at Ground Zero

Andy Sullivan, chairman of the Brooklyn construction worker and vocal opponent Park51, the proposed mosque was built near the site of Ground Zero, has found a new target: Justin Bieber. He called for a boycott of Justin Bieber after an interview with Tiger Beat, where Bieber said the Muslims are very cool (super cool) and supports the construction of a mosque near Gorund Zero.
In an interview with Tiger Beat, a young pop star who first soared through the Youtube site emphasizes that freedom of religion is the thing that makes America great. He called those who oppose the mosque motivated by bigotry.
"Muslims should be allowed to build mosques wherever they want," says the singer. "Coming from Canada, I'm not familiar with the level of intolerance as it now exists (in America), eh."

Bieber went on to say that Muslims are "super cool," Christian is a "lame-o-rama," and that the mosque will help "start a dialogue" with all religions. 

"I was about seven years old when the September 11 tragedy happened, and frankly I'm surprised there are still controversies about it. Step on!"

Sullivan said it will continue calling for a boycott of Bieber across America. He also called on all young people to reduce Bieber posters from their rooms.
However, a state media Bieber had never spoken with Tiger beat of Park51. Salon columnist, Justin Elliott, trying to find the article Tiger Beat and find that piece of conversation quoted by Sullivan is actually a work of satire from a site called CelebJihad.com, which was insulting Islam and contains features softcore porn. The site owner asserted that the article was actually a hoax.
But Sullivan does not seem to care. He said on WYNC end of December 2010 that her children have been banned from attending the show Bieber.
"I told them, 'Hey Guys, guess Justin Bieber speaking what? Forward plan to build mosque in Gorud Zero," said Sullivan to the Salon in an interview. "My little girl down posters and Bieber said he has deleted from the list of his idol."
Facebook page has also been launched by the allies to publicize the boycott Bieber Sullivan and several other celebrity pro-mosque. This page has attracted nearly 500 fans.

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